In which I introduce myself

Hello there!

I am a Gamer in my mid-twenties and as you can see like many other guys playing MMORPGs I choose to have a female avatar. But I’m not one of those who actually pretend to be a girl.
Lets be perfectly clear: I am in fact a guy!

I usually always play with a female character, not only online but also in games like Mass Effect. I mostly do so because I view characters not as an extension of myself; mine is the third person narrative and I like stories about ruthless women. In a way I view myself as the author of my characters’ tales.
Of course I’m a bit inconsistent. For example I always choose my characters names with voicecoms in mind – I’d rather not be called girly names.
Seba is an old RL nickname – maybe you can guess my real name – and I added dai  for a certain “Mongolian” sound because my toon is a Khanid Cyberknight.
– which sounds a bit dirty, I guess –

I am also a German, so if my English is a bit cumbersome at times I apologize. I won’t be mad if someone points out grammar mistakes, either.
This blog is in English for the same reason I prefer the English client to the German localization: I like to profit by my hobbies.
If I’m doing something fun and can improve my language skills at the same time – so much the better!

Anyways, I am a new player but not a total noob. My first trial was two years ago and last year I actually was subscribed for three months or so – I quit because a lack of time and general RL issues.
So this time around I started a new account instead of reactivating to have a character age that won’t make people think I have tons of experience and skillpoints, a much better name and the best looking bloodline – beauty is in the eye of the beholder, don’t forget! ;-P

That’s it for now!


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