First Blood

Today I finally was ready to not only jump into my first Rifter, called “Dare”, but also – having finished training Electronics Lv.4 – to fit it out.
I put three 150mm Gallium Machineguns in my highslots to tear my enemies to shreds, I am not yet able to use rocket launchers for a little more damage so I decided on a ‘Knave’ Energy drain to go along with them.
A Cold-Gas Arcjet Thruster should give me the much needed speed while  a J5B Phased Prototype Warpscrambler along with a ‘Langour’ Drive Disruptor made sure of my targets.
For defense I had a Damage Control a Inefficient Armor Repairer, which is in spite of its name slightly better than the standart Armor Repair Unit, and a 200mm Reinforced Nanofiber plate.

I felt like a young God once I undocked. Ready for anything. And yet slighty hesitant. Where should I go?
Doubt came upon me, surely in Lowsec I’d be the smallest fish of a sea full of piranhas and sharks.

I felt disgusted with myself, this reaction to impending danger I hadn’t anticipated.
And losing my first encounter wouldn’t be as glorious as I envisioned my entry into the world of reckless PvP.

I was on the verge of docking with my tail between my legs to train more skills when it came to me in a flash: Arnon!
It’s the system where all new players get sent to after they finish their tutorials to help Sister Alitura of the Sisters of Eve.
I remebered from my last visit that outside of the Sisters’ station players were asking for 1on1 fights, dropping Cans to give each other aggression rights.

I felt reassured. Fighting another new player sounded like just the thing for me: neither should be too much ahead by gear alone so the fights should be reasonably fair – with a good chance that I should triumph!

And really, having made my way to the Sisters of Eve station, my can named “noob 1on1” got swiped in seconds by a guy called Tech Killa … who docked instantly.
I admit I was put out a bit and moved away from the station to drop the next can further away to put a stop to such antics, however just as I was 50km away, ready to jettison another round of Phased Plasma he undocked in a Breacher and started approaching me, clearly he just had reshipped and was now ready to fight me!

With shaking hands I clicked orbit, activated webifier, scrambler, nos and guns… and I wasted him in seconds!
While this was going on I had arranged my next fight against a Punisher flown by fellow Imperial Academy student atrum cruor. The Punisher was thougher to crack than the Breacher of mere minutes ago, but having run dry on Capacitor he was soon helpless and exploded as well.

At this point Tech Killa aproached me for a rematch, I agreed, warped to him opened up and was wasted by Concord. Our 15 minute aggression time had run out in the meantime and much laughter was had at this obvious Noob mistake.

I reshipped to “Dare Mk2” and waited for the 15 minute criminal countdown to run out, undocked as soon as ready and there was Tech Killa waiting for me in his Caldari destroyer, sitting next to his can.
I anticipated a loss this time, because as soon as I took the can he opened up on me and my shields nearly instantly vanished. But now my web and scram came into play and settling in a tight orbit his railguns couldn’t hit me anymore and I won again!

What a day! Glory indeed!


4 Responses to “First Blood”

  1. Araignee Says:


    Inspirational thanks… you’ve just shown me the way into pvp and to open up new opportunities in Eve!


  2. Excellent work! Welcome to the wonderful world of EVE PvP.

    P.S. That hand-shaking thing doesn’t go away. 😉

    • It’s a feeling very much like when you just got of a roller coaster!

      Never felt anything like that in a game.

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