CrazyKinux was kind enough to link to my blog here and here. Marc Scaurus even linked me in his blogs sidebar!
Together with being listed at EVE Bloggers, here and my self-plug on the EVE forum all these links generated a fair amount of traffic, in fact much more than I could’ve hoped for!

Of course that much love needs to be spread far and wide, so I now have links, too.
The categories are pretty self-explaining, I think, and will of course be expanded as I come across more stuff.

I haven’t tried Red Frog and the  Jumpclone Service – both found with my amazing google-fu – yet but the comments tell of very good services. I am currently training Science Lv.4, the prereq for the jumpclone skill.
4 million ISK is kind of expensive – could’ve bought eight fitted Rifters with that amount of cash! – but I feel that it’s well worth the money.

So, what else is new?
Most of my day was spent tweaking my blogs theme and now  I’m glad to present it in its final incarnation!
I think its p. cool and I hope you’ll all enjoy it.

Sadly I’ll probably won’t have time to continue my adventures in New Eden till Friday evening. But I’m determined to double my efforts as soon as I’m undocked.
The cool part is that I’ll finish Engineering 5 on that very day which will enable me to train Thermodynamics – which is probably prohibitively expensive, too.

I’ve been reading the excellent EVE Chronicles lately and I am in the process of drafting my own stab at EVE (Fan)Fiction.

Also I’m about half done writing up my thoughts on the New Player Experience, so stay tuned!


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