It seems like a while till I last wrote about killing stuff. And with Muira Bull’s inspirational killing spree I decided it is time to go out and raid some blood!

I started in Olfeim shortly after downtime but the only thing in system is an Archon, so I’m moving on to my favorite system: Amamake.

Sitting at my safespot I can blanked to whole system with my directional – which is kinda nice. No annoying having to warp around. Starting to scan I see a Rupture. Not sure if I can take him on I narrow him down anyways – there’s only one way to find out.

Rupture jumped out.

Rifter on scan. Rifter leaves system.

What’s that? A burst at belt IV – 1? I’ll have to check that out. I warp in and am a bit stunned to see the beams of mining lasers. Before I can recover my chin from my desk he warps.

Back at my safespot I decide to convo the guy to ask if he has in fact the necessary mining permits. Convo rejected. Guess not.

Oh, he’s back at the belt! This time he just sits there as I explode his ship which is in violation of the Amamake Nature Protection Area Act. Having done my duty the little bloodraider in my rears his ugly head and I corpsify the offender.

– I may not be a very good blood raider because I felt a bit bad for the one day old guy, so I gave him 1 million ISK –

Anyways, with a nice and fresh corpse in my hold I decide to move on and peek around the neighboring systems a bit. In Frerstorn a fight could have happened. I had narrowed a Rifter down to one belt and warped in. And he flees!

I aligned back to the next Stargate on my route, and scanned quickly around to maybe find him again.

Just as I’m about to warp out he comes back  – he wants to fight after all – but what is that? He has his corpmate in a Hurricane in tow.

Time for my dramatic exit of course. Sitting snuggly at zero on the Stargate I challenge him to a frigate one on one but nothing comes of it – a potentially very fun and even fight ruined.

With only 20 minutes of today’s playtime left I decide to make my way back to Olfeim to log out there. Amamake is busy but there are too many T3 cruisers for my taste on scan, so this time I don’t linger.

I jump into Olfeim just as a guy called nerdkiller in a Rifter warps to the couple of belts 65 AU away. Time to follow him and scan from my spot down there. He seems to cycle through the 3 belts – maybe he is ratting? Then I have him on 5 degree scan at one belt.

Warping there shows the tail of his ship warping off in direction of the Dammalin gate. Following again – maybe he’ll peek into the Angel plex there. He is sitting at the gate though.

I somehow feel that he is staring at me as intently as I am staring at him. Then he warps to one of the two belts in scanner range.

Honourable space samurai duel is on!

I reload to Barrage to test my theory on his Rifter fit – if he wants to fight he is probably PvP fit. And given that our characters have much the same age I guess we have a similar if not the same fit because from toying with Evemon and EFT I’m quite sure that most other fitting variants are a bit more skill intensive to get on the ship.

Score. I kite him at 6 km without taking much damage and his ship becomes space litter – attempting to lock up his Pod to raid another corpse fails though. He warps out and greedily I approach his wreck.

Smart pirates check their scanner before looting! Psimana anti-pirates me in his Dramiel but at least I get my Pod out and satisfied to have had a good fight I dock up and log off – looking very much forward to my next session which will hopefully be a bit longer.


3 Responses to “Bloodraiding”

  1. quit the game ?

  2. Nice work mate. Keep on plugging away with that Rifter 🙂 You always get good fights in Rifters as so many people tend to underestimate it.

    Also, cheers for the free plug 🙂


  3. Man, your adventures are making me nostalgic! I’ve done essentially the same stuff in the same area some time ago.

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