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CrazyKinux was kind enough to link to my blog here and here. Marc Scaurus even linked me in his blogs sidebar!
Together with being listed at EVE Bloggers, here and my self-plug on the EVE forum all these links generated a fair amount of traffic, in fact much more than I could’ve hoped for!

Of course that much love needs to be spread far and wide, so I now have links, too.
The categories are pretty self-explaining, I think, and will of course be expanded as I come across more stuff.

I haven’t tried Red Frog and the  Jumpclone Service – both found with my amazing google-fu – yet but the comments tell of very good services. I am currently training Science Lv.4, the prereq for the jumpclone skill.
4 million ISK is kind of expensive – could’ve bought eight fitted Rifters with that amount of cash! – but I feel that it’s well worth the money.

So, what else is new?
Most of my day was spent tweaking my blogs theme and now  I’m glad to present it in its final incarnation!
I think its p. cool and I hope you’ll all enjoy it.

Sadly I’ll probably won’t have time to continue my adventures in New Eden till Friday evening. But I’m determined to double my efforts as soon as I’m undocked.
The cool part is that I’ll finish Engineering 5 on that very day which will enable me to train Thermodynamics – which is probably prohibitively expensive, too.

I’ve been reading the excellent EVE Chronicles lately and I am in the process of drafting my own stab at EVE (Fan)Fiction.

Also I’m about half done writing up my thoughts on the New Player Experience, so stay tuned!


7 days old

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Today ends my first week with Sebadai.

And it was a pretty good week in my opinion. I dived headfirst into PvP and with great success, too! Not too bad for a new player I’d say.

I started my day with some more hijinks in Arnon, fighting two guys for a couple of rounds, Philthyphill and Enema77.
Phill in particular taught me that the shieldtank of the Merlin, a Caldari Frigate, is not to be underestimated. In fact I could dent it a little but was far from breaking through. He is also a sweet dude who gave me 5 million isk for my war chest.
Enema77 was a bit put out at first, I think, because I managed to waste his Imperial Navy Slicer but he got his revenge and killed me twice!
The Slicer has a pretty sleek look btw and I think I want one.

Downtime was coming up and I bought my latest Rifter “Dare MK6”. Reshipping is annoying and I really think to streamline  the process I should start buying stacks of the things!

In the meantime I had watched a tutorial about the directional scanner on youtube and of course I was eager to try my new knowledge out, so with the confidence I had gained I decided to do my first cruise through Low Security Space, or a “roam” as it is known in New Eden.

So I set my destination to Bosena, Molden Heath which is a hive of scum and villainy – or at least that’s the impression I got by reading a couple of pirates’ blogs. Setting my autopilot to “prefer less secure” it calculates a route through lowsec.
46 jumps. Oh my god. I guess the life of an outlaw is pretty travel intensive!

Lowsec has a pretty cool feeling to it. In stark contrast to highsec it is very sparsely inhabited and if you do see someone in local you can’t help but feel that they are out to get you.
They probably are. I am certainly out to get you!

Only four or five jumps in I see a lonely sixteen days old character. But even though I checked all asteroid belts with my scanner several times no ship appeared. Instead of wasting more time to pick on another newbie I press on.
The next couple of systems are empty, then I start to see more people again.

Several Lokis, Tengus and Drakes  appear on my scanner. Looking at the ships’ infos I am convinced that it would be more than foolish to attack.

18 jumps in. Arzad.
I see a Nemesis on scan, a frigate of the Stealth Bomber class. No idea how my Rifter would fare against one. But it is a frigate after all, so I try and narrow the scan down.
After some fiddling with the scanner I have it! Only the Nemesis and one asteroid belt in the results!

I click warp.

My hands shake even though I don’t know if he’ll be there.

I tumble out of warp. There he is! Pilot Asstrra, 43 km away, shooting a NPC battleship.
Doggedly  I fire up my afterburner and start the long, long approach. Surely he will warp out.


He is unfazed by my presence.
Maybe he hasn’t seen me? Maybe he doesn’t take me as a threat? I consider piping up in local, to ask if he needs help with the NPCs. A ruse de guerre akin to flying false colors.
But if he hasn’t seen me? I don’t want to startle him.


I am in targeting range. But I don’t target him yet. Surely he has seen me and thinks that I want to help him.
Total silence in local.


Finally I hit target, activate web, scram and guns. A warning pops up: “Do you really want to…” YES, DAMN IT!!

I got him! Clicking orbit I start to chew into his shields. Long seconds he doesn’t react, clearly I caught him completely by surprise.
Then he lights up on my overview, his torpedoes start hitting me. But they don’t do much damage, his armor is nearly gone before he is even halfway into my shields.

The Nemesis blows up! All I can think is “GET THE POD!” and I actually have it scrambled and kill him before my mind is capable of coherent thought again.
My plan was to kill ships and to ransom pods but adrenaline and bloodlust overcame me.
I switch to my loot overview tab, swipe the loot from the Nemesis wreck and for good measure I scoop the frozen corpse I am surprised to see. EVE really is a PvP game.

I warp to a random planet and make a safespot on the way to wait out the 15 minutes criminal countdown. I already tasted station guns two days ago and I am not eager to renew the acquaintance.

After a couple of minutes boredom, I felt not only thoroughly punished for my first act of piracy but also I was finally able to sell my loot. Another 5 million isk!

My next couple of Rifters are more than ensured after today!

I’ll skip over the rest of my roam, cause no viable target presented itself. The only frigates I saw were two Dramiels  which are quite out of my league as I understand.

Having made my way to Bosena I went for the extra jump, docked up in Teonosude and called it a day.

My security status went down to -1.28 and I think soon I will have to worry about being cut off from highsec.
I definitely have to come up with a plan how to supply myself with ships if I don’t want to get extorted on the rather bad lowsec markets.

All in all I am really satisfied with this week and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go back to a peaceful life, filled with missions.


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So… it’s downtime and you got nothing to do?

Try this: Eve Avatar Face-Off

Or you might want to read some blogs: The Eve Online Bloggers Portal or you go here: EVE Blog Bundle OPML Files or here EVE Online Blog Roll

If you’re new, like I am, and you want to start a PvP career you should check out Wensleys excellent Rifter Guide at Rifter Drifter!

That should get anyone through the downtime!

First Blood

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Today I finally was ready to not only jump into my first Rifter, called “Dare”, but also – having finished training Electronics Lv.4 – to fit it out.
I put three 150mm Gallium Machineguns in my highslots to tear my enemies to shreds, I am not yet able to use rocket launchers for a little more damage so I decided on a ‘Knave’ Energy drain to go along with them.
A Cold-Gas Arcjet Thruster should give me the much needed speed while  a J5B Phased Prototype Warpscrambler along with a ‘Langour’ Drive Disruptor made sure of my targets.
For defense I had a Damage Control a Inefficient Armor Repairer, which is in spite of its name slightly better than the standart Armor Repair Unit, and a 200mm Reinforced Nanofiber plate.

I felt like a young God once I undocked. Ready for anything. And yet slighty hesitant. Where should I go?
Doubt came upon me, surely in Lowsec I’d be the smallest fish of a sea full of piranhas and sharks.

I felt disgusted with myself, this reaction to impending danger I hadn’t anticipated.
And losing my first encounter wouldn’t be as glorious as I envisioned my entry into the world of reckless PvP.

I was on the verge of docking with my tail between my legs to train more skills when it came to me in a flash: Arnon!
It’s the system where all new players get sent to after they finish their tutorials to help Sister Alitura of the Sisters of Eve.
I remebered from my last visit that outside of the Sisters’ station players were asking for 1on1 fights, dropping Cans to give each other aggression rights.

I felt reassured. Fighting another new player sounded like just the thing for me: neither should be too much ahead by gear alone so the fights should be reasonably fair – with a good chance that I should triumph!

And really, having made my way to the Sisters of Eve station, my can named “noob 1on1” got swiped in seconds by a guy called Tech Killa … who docked instantly.
I admit I was put out a bit and moved away from the station to drop the next can further away to put a stop to such antics, however just as I was 50km away, ready to jettison another round of Phased Plasma he undocked in a Breacher and started approaching me, clearly he just had reshipped and was now ready to fight me!

With shaking hands I clicked orbit, activated webifier, scrambler, nos and guns… and I wasted him in seconds!
While this was going on I had arranged my next fight against a Punisher flown by fellow Imperial Academy student atrum cruor. The Punisher was thougher to crack than the Breacher of mere minutes ago, but having run dry on Capacitor he was soon helpless and exploded as well.

At this point Tech Killa aproached me for a rematch, I agreed, warped to him opened up and was wasted by Concord. Our 15 minute aggression time had run out in the meantime and much laughter was had at this obvious Noob mistake.

I reshipped to “Dare Mk2” and waited for the 15 minute criminal countdown to run out, undocked as soon as ready and there was Tech Killa waiting for me in his Caldari destroyer, sitting next to his can.
I anticipated a loss this time, because as soon as I took the can he opened up on me and my shields nearly instantly vanished. But now my web and scram came into play and settling in a tight orbit his railguns couldn’t hit me anymore and I won again!

What a day! Glory indeed!


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Here is a nice picture of my full avatar. I really like how it turned out.



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My goals in EVE are:

  • Getting into PvP ASAP
  • A security status of -10
  • Wanted stamp on my portrait
  • A  certain reputation for E-Bushido
  • Becoming a known solo-pvper

The first is easy enough, next weekend should see me make my attempts at rifter piloting.
The second goal should be possible in time.
Third is somewhat shaky, of course I understand that I could put a bounty on myself. I’d feel like a cheat though and certainly its against my precious E-Bushido!
As for the last two points: all depends on my ingame actions. I’ll certainly do my best!

I make this public to have a constant reminder of my goals and anyone will be able to call me out should I stray from my way – the Way of the Gun!

In which I introduce myself

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Hello there!

I am a Gamer in my mid-twenties and as you can see like many other guys playing MMORPGs I choose to have a female avatar. But I’m not one of those who actually pretend to be a girl.
Lets be perfectly clear: I am in fact a guy!

I usually always play with a female character, not only online but also in games like Mass Effect. I mostly do so because I view characters not as an extension of myself; mine is the third person narrative and I like stories about ruthless women. In a way I view myself as the author of my characters’ tales.
Of course I’m a bit inconsistent. For example I always choose my characters names with voicecoms in mind – I’d rather not be called girly names.
Seba is an old RL nickname – maybe you can guess my real name – and I added dai  for a certain “Mongolian” sound because my toon is a Khanid Cyberknight.
– which sounds a bit dirty, I guess –

I am also a German, so if my English is a bit cumbersome at times I apologize. I won’t be mad if someone points out grammar mistakes, either.
This blog is in English for the same reason I prefer the English client to the German localization: I like to profit by my hobbies.
If I’m doing something fun and can improve my language skills at the same time – so much the better!

Anyways, I am a new player but not a total noob. My first trial was two years ago and last year I actually was subscribed for three months or so – I quit because a lack of time and general RL issues.
So this time around I started a new account instead of reactivating to have a character age that won’t make people think I have tons of experience and skillpoints, a much better name and the best looking bloodline – beauty is in the eye of the beholder, don’t forget! ;-P

That’s it for now!