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Posted in EVE online, Singularity with tags , , , , , on 2011/03/12 by Sebadai

Today I really wanted to go blow shit up.

CCP got in the way.

They updated the Singularity build of the character creator and introduced a new station service which allows for recustomization at will – without the use of the sculpting tool though.
Your face and body stay the same but you can change your outfit, hair and so on as much as you like. On Singularity this service is free but I think there is the possibility to use this as an ISK sink once it goes live – anyways this remains to be seen.

So, from the title of this post you probably guessed it: the build includes the tattoos we’ve been missing! And not only that but piercings as well. Also there are horrible disfiguring ┬áscars.

All of that is p. relevant to my interests so instead of jumping into a Rifter and killing people I play Space Barbies with – I think I mentioned it already – horrible disfiguring scars!

Right now you can only get tattooed on your face but from the looks of the UI I’d like to guess that in the future we can get inked all over – full sleeve tattoos would look p. good with the sleeveless shirts on the characters I think. But since we can’t walk around yet facial tattoos are of course higher priority.

BTW I think the Sisi patch included all that Captain’s Quarters jazz but if I’m right it is currently not enabled.

Anyways, look into the face of evil – The New Sebadai:


Got hit in the face with a shovel.

I mentioned in my last post that I’m thinking about getting a second account. Well, I did! So let me introduce Toshnem, Vherokior, Serpentis loyalist. Currently sitting in a station and training some skills before I move her to Syndicate (not actually Toshnem, because the account is not mirrored to Singularity but close enough):

Knifefight at age 13.

That is a newly implemented Top by the way.

Anyways of course I didn’t stop there but rather continued playing around with my empty character slot (Protip: never finalize a character in an empty slot on Singularity) and here are some more examples which I’m liking alot:

Amarr male:


Slaver Hound wasn't properly trained.

Civire female:


Just let me scan your forehead, Lady... OH MY GOD, WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR EYE?

Brutor male:


Broke his nose and fucked up his tattoo at the same time. Turns out rust and duct tape don't cover holes in the floor very good.

Gallente male:


Nice glasses, dude. No wonder you're a bit emo with that kind of chemical burn though!

Intaki female:


What?! No scars? You living in a plastic bubble?

Overall these are pretty amazing. The character creator is very nice as it is on Tranquility but with this update it gives the character the much needed final touch to move them from regular old dudes to Capsuleers in New Eden.

I for one look forward to seeing them on the live server! Make it so, CCP!